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  •  are those pentecostal tongues of flame (0+ / 0-)

    over the 2 people's heads in Red State Blues?

    •  yup (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      phemme texxii

      they just...felt right  ;)

      "did I sound abstract? I hope it sounded more confusing than that..."

      by overturned turtle on Sun May 28, 2006 at 12:51:46 PM PDT

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      •  tongues of flame are so underused. (3+ / 0-)

        and the holy "ghost" is so neglected, to my way of thinking.
        (ex-catholic, always saw the holy spirit as the girl of the 3. they never seemed to have a picture of her, other than the occasional bird or tongue of flame.)

        ok, my opinions & take (which will be even more subjective here than it is  on other diary/topics! so you may or may not have any use..but I'd want some kind of feedback if I were you, so i'll go ahead:)

        Airbourne & Red State are the most successful & striking to me at the moment;
        on my monitor the colors on Red State are pretty amazing - a clear, liquid-looking red & a kind of opaque slate.

        I have nothing against the other two pieces; maybe they're just not showing up very well for me (are kind of dark by comparison, and I don't think they were originally..?) so I'll leave them alone. Also, I have to run in a minute, so I don't have enough time to get into all 4 right now.

        Love the composition on Airbourne, but am not sure if I'd have gone with such a fashiony girl figure. I mean, I would have, but I'm not sure if it works or not... her pose is perfect though. Maybe her legs needed to be a little more messed up somehow? less pretty, even tattoo/graffiti/some text or characters, just a few? I don't mind the chiffon frippery of the dress, but i guess her legs are just too smooth or something.

        The composition & the way you integrate all the elements is really successful, to me. I love to collage & even paint in a kind of collage style when I do, but I don't always do so well with the background passages, whereas you do in the bottom right corner in the first piece.

        The second one has a strong composition too- what are those glyphs/characters? excuse my ignorance if they're something obvious. the one looks like a Christ-fish, but I could be reading that in since I'm in a red state right now & they swim past my agnostic fish-free vehicle every day here!

        Oh, and what size are these in RL?

        thanks for posting these - it was great to get a break from text.

        •  what does RL mean? Thanks. n/t (0+ / 0-)
          •  Real Life (0+ / 0-)

            Not very big...the originals are usually around 10x15 or so, but I futz around with them and do prints of larger sizes.

            It's really funny/sad how important the size of a piece is in terms of what you get paid for it.

            Take that however you will.


            "did I sound abstract? I hope it sounded more confusing than that..."

            by overturned turtle on Sun May 28, 2006 at 02:32:58 PM PDT

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        •  smiles to you (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          phemme texxii, Dave the Rave

          seriously...huge thanks for the feedback!

          I too was raised in and escaped from the Holy Mother Church (Jesuit high school, no less), and had my own Holy Ghost fetish as a kid. It was the one part of the trinity that didn't feel like an authority figure. It was mysterious. Absent the Latin Mass, it was the only real magic left in the whole operation.

          I used acrylic for the reds and greys on Red State, but a washed acrylic ink on all the figures. I love how vivid the raw acrylics get, but I was reared on ink and am incredibly impatient about drying times, so even acrylic takes too long. Forget oil, which I absolutely adore but always end up with a paint caked floor, a full-body epidermal palette, and a strange/frustrated hangover after no sleep (and of course a wet painting for the next three years).

          And definitely, all of them are too dark and a bit blurry (my scanner is shot (stepped on, to be precise (a fine moment)) so I'm using a little digital camera with untrained hands and a wish).

          I picked the model both for the pose and for the context of what the piece is for, which is a new collaborative art project that some friends and I started. Essentially it's a blog for a fictional world that centers around a group of surrealist revolutionaries (modeled after the Zapatistas, hence the mask on the non-sequitorial runway girl). It parallels contemporary politics, with some posts about real things (like COPE and resurgent Latin American leftism) but with aspects of the fictional story worked in. Some posts are art, some are fiction, and some are entirely crazy. It links out to other community sites, too, so the story takes place across the internet. E.G., two of the revolutionaries in the story have MySpace accounts so readers can converse with the characters and change the storyline (We've got music for it, too!) In any case, it's a pretty fun idea, and it's just getting started, so if you'd like to add any of your artwork to the site definitely hit me off with an email and we'll chat!
          Link to the site is at the bottom of the diary entry... :)

          Sorry for the babbling, and many thanks for the excellent feedback!

          blessings and bright flowers

          oh and yes...lettters in Red State Blues are and bottome words spell "swim" and the middle word is "petomai", which usually means "fly" or "I am flying" but, according to John C. Hampsey, means something altogether more beautiful in Aristophanes' play The Clouds, which is:  flying on the wings of uncertain hopes    


          "did I sound abstract? I hope it sounded more confusing than that..."

          by overturned turtle on Sun May 28, 2006 at 02:28:42 PM PDT

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