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        Thanks for the helpful info.  I will keep you posted as I investigate further.  I am way behind the learning curve; I've got a lot of catching up to do.

        If you don't mind, I might pass along your username, or simply a link to this diary, to a poster here on DKos called the Grand Moff Texan.  He is one of the "big guns" who ocassionally posts here; scathingly good writer.  I've been in contact with him recently, exchanging a few ideas, looking for where his writings and ideas intersect with my art skills, starting with a simple focus on political cartoons.  You may, or may not, be interested in some of the concepts we may develope along the way.

        I will also check out your whole website thing.  I've had a concept for a few years now, that I think of as an "interactive internet graphic novel w/ music".  A bit cumbersome to say it that way, but so be it.  I'm sure there are people doing all sorts of related stuff, flash animations and such, though I have yet to find anything that is as down right simple and powerful as the idea that I've got.  I just need to teach myself the technology to get started, so that I have something substantial to show people as an example of what I'm getting at.

        Anyway, great meeting you.


        p.s. -- another question that I always feel obliged to ask professional artists:  

        How did you make the leap to doing it professionally?  I have a lot of admiration for folks who actually earn their keep through their art.  Do you have any kind of day job/consulting where you do graphic design and such?  Is that a route you'd recommend?

        Sorry to dog you with all these questions...

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      Dave the Rave

      great! I'd definitely love to plot on some Kos-collaboration, so pass along my name/link to whomever (also send me some of your stuff!).

      I'd also be very interested in trading ideas for online fiction forms. My training in college was as a fiction writer, where I published in a few little lit journals, and that's still my primary interest.

      As for the art/money continuum, suffice it to say that it's quite a struggle. I do freelance illustration whenever I can (do a fair amount of work for bands and record labels; media-kits, album art, print ads, etc.), but most cash-infusions come from corporate-type freelance copywriting and copyediting jobs. Selling capital-a Art happens enough to keep me sane (and more importantly to keep the faith), but at this point it pretty much pays for my art supplies and maybe a bit of beer money ;) .  
      The only advice I can really offer is to keep making art and to be pretty accomodating when it comes to price. If you can get broke/hip youth to buy your work, for however cheap, it's going to help in a huge way-- in my experience, anybody who pays their hard-earned money for a piece of art effectively becomes the best sort of advertising on earth.

      The main problem with freelance work is never knowing for sure when or where the next paycheck is coming from. It can definitely drive you mad, so it's best not to be above one-off odd jobs (for instance, I recently did a bit of construction-type stuff, installing fiberglass installation in ceilings (new appreciation for Michelangelo, after that one)). Anything, in short, that keeps me out of any office but my own.

      So, yeah, hope that was some help. But, again, every artist I know (from musicians to collagists) has a completely different story as to how they make it happen, and it's always going to depend on the particular energy of your work.

      Oh, and yeah, the other obvious suggestions are the good-old Writer's Market and Graphic Artists' Market books, as well as a book called Pricing and Ethical Guidelines for The Graphic Artist, which is published by the Graphic Artist Guild.

      blessings good sir, and do keep in touch!

      "did I sound abstract? I hope it sounded more confusing than that..."

      by overturned turtle on Mon May 29, 2006 at 10:46:28 AM PDT

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