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  •  On top of all the other insults (37+ / 0-)

    visited upon the American people by this moron and the pack of thieves known as his Administration, now he's going for the base insults to our intelligence.

    It's the pictures on our TV screens that we object to??  This man thinks all we do in our lives is sit in front of the TV while the hypnosis takes effect?  Well, maybe many of the people HE knows do, but not the rest of us.  God, I want to grab this man by the front of his shirt and shake some sense into him.

    It's not the pictures, you fucktard, it's the shit going down IN the pictures!  What are they pictures of, if not American soldiers being defeated by the rockets and roadside bombs?  Or of American soldiers losing their minds in the hideousness of a mess YOU sent them into, and killing innocents?  Or of the innocents themselves, blown to smithereens BY US?

    Look, moron, YOU'RE the moron, OK?  It may be images on your TV screen that bother you, because bright moving objects on the tube is all your tiny brain can compute.  But some of us -- most of us, I'll venture -- are able to understand that the pictures are of real stuff that is happening, and we have the mental capacity to connect the picture with what caused the images in the picture to take place.  That is why we are hurting over Iraq.  Because we see this shit happening, and we know we are doing it.  It conflicts, at our very core, with our own idea of ourselves as Americans, what being an American means.  You don't get that, do you.

    I long for the day of your impeachment, Mr. Bush.  It'll be like a great big birthday party for America when we finally see the back of you -- hopefully as you're dragged off to jail.  Enjoy your legacy, twerp.

    •  eloquent, loquatrix (6+ / 0-)

      It's not the pictures, you fucktard, it's the shit going down IN the pictures!

      that is a beautiful synopsis of everything I wanted to say.

      if anyone wanted the definition of what it means when they say Bush is living in a bubble, that sentence is it.

      he seems to be so caught up in playing politics that he doesn't get that the policies he enacts have real consequences -- not just polls and spin.

      those people you see in the tv, mr president -- they're, like, real people.

    •  I think Bush knows perfectly well (6+ / 0-)

      what the images portray.  HE needs to turn the images into something different from what they really are.  HE turns them into something that's not real, brought to you by Al Qaida.  

      HE absolutely needs that connection to the unreal, the world of bitmaps and frames per second, of images that don't portray reality.

      BUSH in fact is the one who is completely dependent on his media machinations, his staged Town Hall meetings, his backdrop of the military, lined up in neat rows behind him.  Hiw crowning Jewel was the speech he held at Mt. Rushmore.  His Media Magicians turned his head so it was perfectly aligned with the other presidents, whose faces were carved into the rock above.  

      I've always said that Bush is a hologram president.  You turn him sideways, and you will see there is nothing there.  He doesn't exist.  It was nothing but an illusion.

      BUSH is entirely a media creation.  That's why, when this perfect tool puts out the wrong message, it must be corrected.  

    •  Great comment (1+ / 0-)
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      Canadian Reader

      Who cares how many people get killed so long as the people don't see pictures of it?

      "I intend to live forever. So far, so good." Steven Wright

      by gsbadj on Sun May 28, 2006 at 02:09:52 PM PDT

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