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View Diary: PNAC Co-Founder Endorses Dems in '08 (221 comments)

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  •  Exactly. Without saying so (4+ / 0-)
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    directly, several posters here buy into that consensus. We need a foreign policy consensus. I'm not very happy with a consensus not based on a working toward a future in which the military-industrial-congressional complex no longer has immense clout whichever party holds the reins.

    •  Right (5+ / 0-)

      people-powered politics is a direct challenge to 60 years of consensus about how to spend our tax dollars on foreign policy.  We simply won'y sit by an be told lies about Chavez, or Iran, or anything else.

      Someone mentioned that this might doom the people of Darfur.  And that is one possible consequence.  But what he fails to ponder is what the collateral damage is to Iraq might be because we have consensus that allows us to act as readily in Darfur as in Baghdad.

      These are issues for debate.  Not for consensus.

      Destroying the international consensus and making us into a nation that violates human rights and eschews cooperative human rights action is a concern.  But let's look at our history more honestly for a change.

      Are we going to do anything differently?  Or are we just going to empower Woolsey over Tenet?  That's not what I am about.

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