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View Diary: PNAC Co-Founder Endorses Dems in '08 (221 comments)

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    One of the most devastating intellectual avatars that keep people from thinking on a realistic level is the idealism that binds together any sort of cohesive worldview.

    Eventually the self interest of pursuing any kind of paradigm shift in balancing power  gravitates to whatever means can help the idea become reality.  So much so that the ends MULTIPLY the means, which
    usually complicates the goals of any even well intentioned movement. (Not-withstanding any judgements of the RIGHT worldview or the WRONG one)

    I think one of the potential strenghts that can bind all sorts of idealogies together is the continual erosion of the fear and ignorance people have of a liberal agenda.

    One major way is to keep defining these groups and thier actions enough so that they become part of some fraction of the population's perception of the world.

    The more people hear of them, the more they can begin to understand the way think tanks, special interest groups, and lobbyists have effectively eliminated the electorate from much of the equation.

    That smacks of elitism, and everyone except the elite themselves hate that. That needs to happen gradually, but it needs to happen.

    If not,  we will continue to live in a world secretly run by secret groups with secret tools to secretly control the whole damn thing.  Right now the whole game is how to sell whatever they need to sell to the people. This is the medias job, and they will continue to sell mop n' glow no matter which party runs the government.

    The whole thing sounds like a two-episode X-Files.

    The public will respond with thier remotes and browsers when thier interest is piqued. That is money in the bank for the media.

    Keep people talking like they are beginning to, and we can change the agenda.  

    I just wish it would come sooner than it probably will.

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