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View Diary: Digby on the Power of Ridicule (32 comments)

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    On his CD, "Shut Up You Fucking Baby" he says:

    After 9-11, people treated Bush like he came in third in the Special Olympics.  "Good job, George!  Great job!"
    Hell, Nader would have invaded Afghanistan.

    It's a bit harsh, but it is also biting and easily digestable.  I like the whole idea of mockery of stupidity--there is a long history of that in this country.  Liberals would do well to be less wonky, and show more of our fun side.  Really, have you ever been to a party full of Republicans?

    I'm sorry. The government you have elected is inoperative. - Gil Scott-Heron

    by GenXWho on Tue May 30, 2006 at 02:05:45 PM PDT

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