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View Diary: Clarke calls Frist's bluff (163 comments)

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  •  Optimistic...not (none)
    I am sure that OBL will be captured and paraded this summer.  And I am almost as sure this will turn the tide for the sinking Bush administration.

    I would be glad to be wrong, but so far I've not been able to underestimate either the crass political gall of the Bushites, nor the shallow intellect of the voting public.

    •  I assume (none)
      That bin Laden has prearranged for at least one major event to be conducted if he is every caught. Bin Laden is a master of public opinion, and he knows that if they can prove that his capture is unimportant, it will be a huge blow to the West's fight against terror.

      So if OBL is captured, there is a possibility that it will look worse for Bush--he will effectively trot out OBL saying, "Mission Accomplished" the day before a big terrorist strike.

    •  If you were Osama............ or Aymahn......... (none)
      Would you really be in Pakistan depending on the fealty of 'Tribal Leaders"?

      Let's consider, for a moment, if YOU or any rational or even irrational human being would be in Pakistan after trying to kill its leader.

      I think they are long gone. They have, at their disposal, great places to hide. Chechnya, Uzbekistan, China, Turkmenistan. Hell, they could be living a great life in Saudi, and we wouldn't have a clue. or recourse.

      Fact is, we don't have a clue.

      Regime Change Begins at Home. Prune the Shrub in 04 --Snixiby

      by oofer on Mon Mar 29, 2004 at 04:41:02 PM PST

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    •  I wonder (none)
      Would the military heads allow him to be paraded.  Doing so would simply increase terrorism against us.  Announcing he is dead would create a martyr.

      From a strategic point of view the best option for eliminating him would be to leave him buried under a rock pile where ever he fell, and unknown casualty.

      Of course, he will probably be paraded, damn the consquences and the American public won't realise the consquences, or not care.

      Of course...didn't we already catch that Saddam bin Laden character?

      •  Kinda like the Sopranos... (none)
        Where Chris & Pussy were discussing what to do with the Polish kid they whacked. If I remember correctly Chris was planning on dumping the body in one of the Polish kid's family dumpsters, but Pussy convinced him otherwise...

        "What? You think if they find him in one of their dumpsters they're going to get out of our business?  Think Christopher... Think. It hardens their position.  He needs to disappear.  They'll know... but they'll wonder maybe if one day he'll come home."

      •  Military heads? (none)
        This is an election year.  During the cheney administration.  What's good for the military or the nation won't get much consideration when there are political points to score.

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