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  •  profiteering (none)
    Let's lay to rest Frist's, and anyone's, claim that Clarke is shamelessly profiteering.  I'm using common sense: once Clarke wries the book, it's out of his hands.  Release is dictated by the WH, who must clear it, and the publisher, who then prints it and coordinates promotion.  The WH knew they would take two hits, one from the book, one from Clarke's testimony.  So they timed both to transpire in the same week, thereby only taking one hit.  And, this luckily puts the WH in the position of being able to charge Clarke with profiteering.  The only way Clarke could've avoided any of this is to not write the book, and let his testimony stand alone.  So, the book release scores two points for the WH, and zero for Clarke.  (And one point for the publisher--- big sales!)

    The WH had a master plan all along.  That's why it's so surprising that their rebuttal performance has been so weak.

    •  I'd love to know the real story (none)
      This is an interesting guess about what happened. Perhaps the WH did calculate it as such (although I'd say, miscalculate). My thought is that the WH waited until the last possible moment to send back the book, hoping it would not come out until after the hearings. The publisher probably gave them a 3-month deadline, of which they used the whole thing. If they really did send the manuscript back in Feb, I'm guessing the WH was surprised to see it in final form a month later.

      We'll probably never know -- though I do believe the one "big hit" was better for getting the info out, than two smaller hits would have been.

      •  Timing is everything, yes...... (none)
        Apparently the original release date was April 27, 2004. It may very well be that publicaton date was pushed up, but in general this is the publisher's decision, and the author really does not have the ability to direct it. Perhaps someone at S&S knew when Clarke was supposed to give testimony to the 911 commission. Perhaps not.

        It felt good to Freep the Frist book at Amazon. go for it!

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