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View Diary: Clarke calls Frist's bluff (163 comments)

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  •  Clarke's challenge made my day. (none)
    It is so nice to see someone with balls standing up to tbe Bush White House. Clarke is not backing down, and this is hurting them where they are most sensitive. I live in eastern Idaho, a very conservative part of the country. In the locker room at the gym last week, with Clarke on the TV right in the locker room, I heard one guy ask another, "What do you think of Bush?" The other said, "I think he's a good man, etc., etc." which didn't surprise me (I held my peace and did not butt in.) The thing is, the very fact that this question was even asked I think spells big trouble for Boy George and Co.

    "Georgie Porgey, puddin' and pie
    How many troops did you send to die?"

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