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View Diary: The Good Fight: Peter Beinart Responds (221 comments)

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  •  great post, great format, thanks. (2+ / 0-)
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    The Termite, stagemom

    I hope to see more like it here, with other commenters, other issues.

    Beinart closes out with yet another misrepresentation, IMO:

    "By seeing the issue only as a chance to kick Bush in the teeth, only through the prism of what helps the Democratic Party at the polls, liberals sold out their own principles, and participated in a nativist surge that solidified the widespread Middle Eastern view that America really is hostile to Muslims."

    What I remember is that "liberals" didn't have much chance to use the issue a a chance to kick Bush in the teeth, since the GOP rank-and-file took took the issue and ran with it so quickly and vehemently!

    let alone the many commenters here who, while appreciating the political spectacle, talked a lot about Beinart's point re: solidifying the view that America is hostile to Muslims, and also talked re: a point Beinart doesn't mention, that many (most?) of those jumping up and down about Dubai had been supporters of the trade treaties that allowed the proposed Dubai deal.

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