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  •  San Diego currently FUBARed? (2+ / 0-)
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    catfish, Da Buddy

    I just tried to find my polling place at the SD County registrar's website and it demanded a username and password.  I tried calling their 800 number and got a recording about it being out of service.  I called the above 800 number and got a "no service" (although that one may have been my new phone- it's weird sometimes).  Finally the local 858-area code number got me through to the automated system, but it seems like a bad time for the system to be failing (though I can't say I'm surprised).  Hopefully it's isolated and innocent- lord knows San Diego is generally inept about everything, but I desperately hope this doesn't hurt turnout on Tuesday.

    •  SD Registrar? (0+ / 0-)

      Who is your registrar? That's not good at all. And is your registrar elected or appointed? Talk to his or her boss if appointed...

      •  Had issues with this before actually (3+ / 0-)
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        catfish, Da Buddy, Real History Lisa

        San Diego County Registrar is found HERE.  Guy's name is Mikel Haas, have to admit I'm not sure whether he's elected or not but I've already sent an email in to them about it, hopefully they get on it first thing in the morning.  I plan to follow up, since obviously the system itself works- I found my polling place eventually.

        Hopefully since the 858 number is listed first and is local for everyone, that'll be the number getting the most action.

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