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  •  Economic Populism is a winning (0+ / 0-)

    issue, but are there enough Democrats with the courage to cut the corporate umbilical cord?

    I think we gotta cut the bond Republican voters have with the party.  How?  Play up corruption and lies to create mistrust.  Hit 'em with some economic populism to begin to change the tribal identification.  And hammer Iraq and the mistreatment of the troops and veterans.  Bush has made the troops a fetish; let's flip that and hang him with the troops. [...]

    by Dallasdoc

    One way to appeal to economic populism and defuse the "illegal immigration" scapegoating tactics of the Republicans is to place the blame on the employers, not the employees.

    As I a stated elsewhere in this thread, I believe the resonance of the illegal immigrant issue is being stimulated by the view that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens.  The corporate wing of the Republican Party has always been in favor of illegal immigration, because it effectively creates a pool of virtual slave labor and drives down the wages of American citizens in general.  This explains Bush's conundrum on the issue, stuck between the extreme right and his corporate supporters.  It would be a sure winner for the Democrats if they addressed the REAL problem: the large employers who routinely exploit the commodity of undocumented labor. The best solution for the Democrats would be to trumpet a solution that provides for serious jail time for individuals in corporations who routinely hire undocumented immigrants.

    Show the people of this country that the real villains are those who illegally hire and exploit those undocumented immigrants, who wouldn't be here if there were no jobs available, by legislating strict oversight and severe criminal penalties on these employers.

    Who can blame the poor immigrant, who is only trying to feed his family? Spare the small businessman, for strategic reasons, but jail the large corporate employers, and throw away the key.

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    by lightfoot on Tue Jun 06, 2006 at 09:39:54 AM PDT

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