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    just click on my sn and see all the mojo I got tonight for positive comments. It seemed tonight every diary started out negitive about Busby but got turned around in the end for the most part. This is like the night before the honeymoon nerves. Everyone wants it to be perfect, but afraid to be over confident. This would be a tough race for a Dem with a big name so Busby has done fantastic. Your and all the other people who have helped her will be the ones to thank. No one could have done it without all the help. Breath deep, sit back, and enjoy tomorrow. I predict a minor landslide for Busby and I am stockin up on popcorn to watch the talking heads say it don't mean nothing... snicker.

    -8.63 -7.28 He was carrying a skateboard on his back, a red rose in his fist, and the war.

    by OneCrankyDom on Tue Jun 06, 2006 at 02:22:35 AM PDT

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