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  •  And California is now getting screwed... (3+ / 0-) gas company price gouging.

    As reported on CBS News yesterday, Calif. Demands Answers On Oil Prices
    State Atty. General Asks CEOs To Explain Prices & Profit Margins:

    Those companies insist they're operating within the law, and not trying to gouge their customers. California drivers pay an average of $3.31 a gallon, up more than a dollar since early January, when they were shelling out an average of $2.25 a gallon.

    The attorney general is also taking a hard look at refiners' profit margins, which soared by 130 percent at a time when the price of crude oil increased by 14 percent.

    "Their claim is 'Oh, we're just passing along the world crude oil increase.' That's clearly not true," says Lockyer.

    What is true, according to the California Energy Commission, is that estimated profits have risen from around 30 cents a gallon at the start of the year to about 94 cents per gallon now.

    CA-50, don't put a gas lobbyist corporatist crook in Congress!

    We've had enough of this larceny!


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