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    Lou Dobbs just kick her again, nothing like free air time at 3:30 pm in CA.

    Illegal immigration is "illegal!" Stealing  someones identity is a real crime, democrats treat it like a freggin parking ticket. If you have had your id stolen and had to work through the process you would really "get it." How stupid is it to, " be for something before I'm against it". Saying we need 1 illegal to vote or work for this party is moronic and for me totally unacceptable. I would like for my party to take one position and STAND on it, THE LAW! Democrats seem to think only bushco makes up the laws as he goes

    I worked on the Kerry campaign in New Mexico, commuting daily from El Paso to Las Cruses, how can we continue to fuck up a message. I for one am sick that we cannot get one national security message right. Hillary is the best we can offer when the war is a complete fucking failure and the entire world can figure it out and we can't. I am so outraged i will need to replace my keyboard. I for one will not only refuse to help get these lying bastards out of office, i will not vote vote if we continue to screw this up. GET IT right 1 time, please.

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