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View Diary: California Election Dirty Tricks? (w/poll) (40 comments)

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      I was up late and the SFBG site was down into early morning. Down due to heavy traffic @ 3am and 4am? No way.

      SFBG's I.T. people should say definitively what happened, unless it was some trickery with DNS or routing outside their control.

      They should let readers know ASAP, but get the facts first please. IF some Telco or other group were responsible, I'll be PO'ed and writing my officals and hopefully the SFBG prosecutes. If someone at the SFBG goofed, no biggy, it happens.

      It’s true SFBG endorsements are very influential and they’ve been attacked by other parties about them. For example the rival SF Weekly (a trendy transplant rag) claims they don’t give endorsements because their readers are too intelligent, with the gist that the SFBG is just serving cool aid. Never mind the SF Weekly and other local rags not worth mentioning wouldn't know informative journalism if it bit them in the ass. I’m sure local big business hates the SFBG, everyone from various utility privateers, big box stores, out of town development groups, etc as the SFBG is pretty hard on them and only occasionally overly so.

      Not saying the SFBG is perfect or I’m a fanbois as I disagree with them often enough. Imho they’re sometimes too ivory-tower/ideological and not pragmatic/incremental enough. Having said that, I know where they stand and the SFBG is still filled with valuable journalism that wouldn't be done otherwise and a vital part of the debate.

      In some ways their politcal bias is actually less than other local papers who never deviate from the golden rule of: status quo, pandering, sensation, and profits. The other papers are never going to offend big business and various interests who pay ad revenue. The SFBG advertisers are business like “Good Vibrations” and they’re hardly the greatest threat to journalism or democracy today.

      Without the SFBG even notoriously liberal SF would be noticeably less informed on progressive issues because the other local papers are all churn and fluff MSM type whores. Better just to read AP directly (which I also do) rather than slurp up the many local papers regurgitating it.

      So yeah, it could have been purely accidental but there is lots of motive and no shortage of dirty tricks in politics lately.

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