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View Diary: BIG NEWS: DeLay's sex abuse victims may finally see justice! (50 comments)

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  •  Yes! Let's Fry His Butt! (3+ / 0-)
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    I hope the MEDIA is there to cover this because it should SHOCK the evangelicals who are lending their support to these criminals. I'd like to sit down with Dobson, Robson and Falwell and ask them if they still have the balls to ask the members of their congregation to vote for Republicans.  They must know that this gay amendment stuff is nothing but another Rove trick to get them to vote.

    Republicans don't care about the gay/lesbian issue.  They care about votes in November 2006 and in November 2008.  Of course Rove/Bush is especially worried about November because they know Bush/Cheney will be EXPOSED if they don't hold on to the majority.  They are being screwed, lied to and laughed at by Rove and Bush. Why in the hell would these honest, Christian people support them?  They're being tricked to go vote for Republicans... and I'm sorry for them.

    •  Shock em? (0+ / 0-)

      I hope that's snark.
      This is part of their payback.
      They don't want it to pass - they want to give it an air of political legitimacy. Don't forget the Overton Window. They gave something voice.

      Following the imigration campaign with this also served a political means to move the spotlight from Iraq and Abramoff and Delay and Cunningham, et. al.  They're just trying to get by with something else.

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