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    Well...first, understand that I am a privacy/security expert.  That is one of the things that I do.  Smalll office networking.   The security aspect seems to be a very specialized faction of the IT community.  I find so few IT techs who have any clue.  Or at least as much of a clue as they should have (like I find so many of the new Tiger Macs without the firewall turned on, after paid techs do the setup/s.  This is sloppy work.)

    So when I recommend Beyond Fear, it's because I really do think it's a good place to start.

    My email address is valid.  (I only use it here at dKos, nowhere else, and I do get spammed from here.)   If you want some help with specifics, email me what your system specs are and I will give you a quick setup check for security, if you wish.  I do this on the phone and in email and any way and for anyone that I can.  Securing cyberspace, one machine at time....

    I have some recommendations to make, but I don't think I can use brand names here or I'll be accused of, what, spamming for specific products?

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