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  •  I don't know much about international business, (1+ / 0-)
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    but I do know that in the US investments are at risk from "rich, white, conservative crooks in the ruling class."

    So here's some interesting information from the site. "The indicators are developed by the Private Sector Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group in cooperation with the Lex Mundi Association of law firms and the International Bar Association," the about page says. (I've ommitted the column called "OECD" because it's not immediately apparent to me what it means.)


    Starting a Business (2005)
    The challenges of launching a business in Mexico are shown below. Entrepreneurs can expect to go through 9 steps to launch a business over 58 days on average, at a cost equal to 15.6% of gross national income (GNI) per capita. They must deposit at least 13.9% of GNI per capita in a bank to obtain a business registration number.

    Indicator                       Mexico        Region
    Procedures (number)              9             11.4
    Time (days)                     58             63.0
    Cost                           15.6            56.2
     (% of income per capita)
    Min. capital                   13.9            24.1
     (% of income per capita)

    (Sorry about the formatting. Hope it's readable.)



    Region: Latin America & Caribbean
    Income category: Upper middle income
    Population*: 102.0 million
    GNI per capita (US$)*: 6,770

    •  OECD = (0+ / 0-)

      Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development.

      Compare the figures above with the figures for the United States.  Or Canada.

      Now where would you want to start a business or look for work?

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