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View Diary: The Progressive Answer to Illegal Immigration: DEVELOP MEXICO - Update: Begin w/90 "micro-regions"! (245 comments)

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    We have to reduce the pressure for people to cross our borders in search of a better life.  Either make life here worse (that is happening, but we really don't want to pursue that) or make conditions better there.  Take the money we would otherwise spend on fences, patrols, and other crap and find a way to spend it to make life better over there.  I'm glad someone is starting to try and develop an investment strategy to do that.

    As an aside, we have a goat.  We also have a fence to contain the goat.  A fence that would keep the goat inside under any conditions would need to be quite tall, well secured with many posts and have no gaps at the bottom.  It would also be a lot of trouble and pretty expensive.  So, we have a cheap fence but we make sure the goat is happy inside of it -- plenty to eat, shelter, sunshine and all those good goat things. There is no incentive for her to get out. It is a much better solution than an expensive fence with an unhappy goat inside always trying to get out.

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