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View Diary: Zarqawi is dead, a victory in Iraq, a defeat for trolls (71 comments)

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  •  He's probably not a total fiction (4+ / 0-)
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    wonkydonkey, cappy, mango, blueoasis

    Just the latest convenient surrogate for Osama that the Bushites picked out and elevated in stature so they could claim a great victory when he was eliminated.

    No doubt he was an evil thug, but that's certainly no great distinction.

    My point is that there's little to rejoice over here.  Iraq is the same clusterfuck it was 2 days ago, with or without this one guy in sneakers.  Will it make any difference to the situation in Iraq?  Of course not.  Anyone who really would entertain such a fantasy doesn't understand things there.

    •  Did you even read the diary? (3+ / 0-)
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      cappy, sofia, bobbobgirl

      I cited the 9/11 refutation of Powell's UN presentation. I cited the MSNBC report (and others) that the Bush administration failed to attack Zarqawi in the run-up to the Iraq War. I cited the April '06 WaPo piece that said the US was stepping up a propaganda campaign using Zarqawi to focus Iraqi discontent.

      The point of this diary was to refute what I thought were efforts to paint Daily Kos and Democrats as weak on terrorism. I agree with you that Bin Laden should be the focus - everyone but complete kool-aid drinkers agree on that point. Rumsfeld said "no single person on this planet has had the blood of more innocent men, women and children on his hands than Zarqawi." WTF! What about Bin Laden? I'm as pissed as anyone that the US is ignoring Bin Laden but that doesn't make killing Zarqawi a non-event. I would have preferred he be killed in January 2003 - as I said in the diary.

      I didn't suggest Iraq is going well anywhere in the diary - merely that killing a single terrorist was a positive development. At no point did I express anything more that a hope that Iraq has peace. I'm fully aware that hope is not a plan.

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