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View Diary: Zarqawi is dead, a victory in Iraq, a defeat for trolls (71 comments)

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    is mostly just a figurehead now, less significant than Zarqawi was in operational terms for terrorists.  But it should be clear that there no one is indispensable in the current global spread of terrorism.  It's a decentered movement.  Someone like Zarqawi matters in some way, but no amount of killing of indivudual terrorists is going to end terrorism.  That would be a neocon fantasy.  Nope, the issues that have given rise to terrorism in the first place are still there, actually are made a lot worse by Bush's Iraq war. For every dead Zarqawi, Bush's war has made sure that 10 or 100 are in line to replace him. What comes next?  Can't be sure, but with Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld still at the helm, probably years of quagmire.

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