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View Diary: A Letter to President Bush from Bumfuck, Indiana (207 comments)

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    JuliaAnn, realalaskan

    These folks are all out cutting brush, polishing their putters for the country club, riding bikes....totally clueless as to what is happening out here.  Well we will just keep working away on the Kool Aid drinkers out here...they are starting to wake up to the realities of Republican non-governance and lip service.  Anybody better off than they were 5 years ago...please count for me the ways!  Ask questions like.."But aren't you worried about healthcare?"  or "How your kids going to compete and get jobs with the way China and India are growing?"

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      is with this "cutting brush" business, anyway? It is like first Reagan and then Shrub got nothing better to do than whack weeds. Can't these sorry shits afford to hire some illegal 'imgrants to do the dirty work for them?

      And by the way, you never saw Clinton cutting any brush did you? Maybe things would have turned out different had he cut some brush instead of some bush. ;>)

      The great tragedy of Science, the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. ~ T. H. Huxley

      by realalaskan on Sat Jun 10, 2006 at 06:10:18 PM PDT

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