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View Diary: A Letter to President Bush from Bumfuck, Indiana (207 comments)

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    loved it! as funny as your diary is, the reality is that a lot of people have turned on bush much to the same degree. i know this older lady who had no less than 42 various bush stickers on the back of her little cavalier, a true die hard, even went out campaigning for him - she called me a couple of weeks ago asking if i knew what would take adheasive off of her car without damaging the paint.
    i thought someone had vandalized it with sprey glue o something and asked about it. she told me " i took all of that bastards stickers off", i choked for real. she had nothing but choice words for his sorry ass, by far much worse than her rants against gore and kerry during the elections. i asked what changed her mind, she didn't say but did say " don't matter, i'm tired of these crooked bastards and all of their lies, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE, BUT YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I WILL VOTE".
     i love hearing that sort of thing from people i knew were hardcore reich wingers.

    impeach-it does the body good impeachment-it isn't just for blow jobs anymore impeachment-i can say no more i expect no less

    by playtonjr on Sat Jun 10, 2006 at 05:52:20 PM PDT

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