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View Diary: '08 Watch: New Poll Says Edwards Beating Hillary in Iowa (202 comments)

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    Are you really that naive?  Do you think there is a Democratic or Republican candidate out there who wouldn't take campaign money from Murdoch or just about any other millionaire corporate backer?    If so, take a look at the lists of donors from the 2004 campaign.

    And please prove how she's more "opportunistic" than other pols.   This is another baseless, yet often repeated, attack on her character and hers alone.   It’s also a Tweety Matthews talking point—Vile!

    •  Yeah, I can think of one... (2+ / 0-)
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      John Edwards has NEVER taken A PENNY of corporate money.

      •  right (0+ / 0-)

        And he's totally fucking broke now. He goes out and raises money for everyone else, 6 million for lower tier candidates this year.

        While we sit around and wonder why doesn't a Dem stand up for core Dem issues like working people that don't have a fucking prayer under this crew in DC? Why doesn't a Dem engage the grass roots?

        Edwards is doing 20-25 dollar a head fundraisers all over the friggin country, not just IA and NH. Every state with a min wage hike on the baloot HE'S THERE on his own dime without his damn hand out.

        What the fuck is going on on this blog? The DLC is the death of the Democratic party, sticking up for working people is the future.

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