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    This issue is huge to the progressive movement, and it's about damn time people ar etalking about it.  This is a great diary, and I believe it would be full of comments, but like one poster above, I can't read any of the comments.  I get a failed message every time I try to expand them.  It's frustrating as hell, and it's been happening pretty frequently lately.  In addition, there has been an issue with multiple posts of the same message becaue of failed messages when tryingn to post.

    ANyway, back to the whole unions=progressive thing.  The labor constituency is vital to our cause.  They have been progressive since their inception.  Unfortunately, they seem to have been taken for granted lately, much like the African American vote.  In both groups, support for our candidates has been slipping.  We truly are the big tent movement, and we cannot afford to ignore or take for granted ANY group of progressive voters.  Labor is important to everyone, and it is not just a blue collar issue.  It is a human rights issue.  Those of you who are organized understand that.  Those of you who are not, should consider getting a local.  This issue is a true cornerstone of the progressive movement.  Unfortunately, the Right wing noise machine has demonized the labor movement so much lately that many good progressives have forgotten that.

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