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  •  Healthcare tangent (4+ / 0-)

    Why do we expect our employers to provide Medical and Dental?

    Back in the early to mid 90's employers had to offer the BEST perks to get workers.  I was lucky since my company was ultimatly owned by Time Warner so we had a faboulous package.  Later in the decade when I moved to a much higher paying job but a smaller company the medical/dental was not even worth having.  Now in the Bush era, most jobs I have interviewed for either offer nothing or a riduclasly high buy in...  I havent had health insurance for 5 years now.  I lost some teeth because it was under $100 to pull them and over $1000 per tooth to save them.  

    My senior mom needs healthcare mroe than I do but her company is constaly swicthing plans and she has to change doctors ever couple of years.  Even her is pathetic.  She had to be nearly blind before they would kick in for her cataracts.  She couldnt just fail the test on purpose because it would have given her a bad perscription for her glasses.  She couldnt even drive at night for about 2 years.  Some of the ones she sees I can only compare to Jiffy Lube.  They dont really look like the doctors offices i remeber as a child.

    I agree health care is a national problem.  I am just wondering though why we as a nation expect employers to pick up the tab.  Shouldnt it be a perk and not a requirement.  Arent we advocating forcing businesses to in effect pick up the tab for a socialist agenda that would be better handled by the government  Why is healtcare being made a LAbor issue.

    It just irks me hearing Bushco talk about "seeing a doctor" of your choice when thats not the case.  You can only see people in your plan and even then it often takes up to a month to even get an appointment

    by naufragus on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 11:39:15 AM PDT

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