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  •  It's a question of 'sharing' (1+ / 0-)
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    As timid as that sounds, or as "Marxist" as it might sound, workers through unions are trying to get the workers their fair share of the profit they produce.  There is always going to be a tension between labor and capital, which is why whenever the Rethugs scream "class warfare" about someone complaining about rich/poor disparity, the courageous answer should be "Damn right, and it's about time the working class won one!".  But if management could really show that a union's demands were hurting profit, most unions would be reasonable, because they do understand the need for the business to remain alive.  That is why the UAW and all the airline unions have given back literally billions in concessions to keep their employers operating.  Too often management stabs workers in the back when they rebound thanks to those concessions.

    But management is also always looking for lower costs, and those costs are always going to be lower in China, the Far East, Central America.  Which is why there has to be international organizing, and a stop to human rights abuses and much more labor protection in those countries housing the suppliers of the Wal-Marts of the world. Ultimately, labor rights and human rights merge.  

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