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  •  You attack me without reading (9+ / 0-)

    You are attacking me, the messenger, because I put up examples of what I'm fighting against? I'm sorry if my post was not clear enough for you.

    You attack me for trying to promote unions for programmers, and say I'm part of the problem. Maybe, so I've not been successful. However, you sure the hell did not read my comment. You saw the list of misconceptions that I'm dealing with and decided to vent your anger at me.

    Interesting that your world view of unions seemd to have been formed at age 17.  To this I can only say that I dont think you had a strong understanding of reality at age 17.  To continue your lack of union support and call yourself a progressive tells me that you should "grow up".

    You didn't even read what I wrote. These are the views of the people I am trying to convince to unionize. And yes they aren't well informed, and your attack-the-messenger response sure the hell doesn't help the union cause.

    I am strongly pro-Union and have been advocating unions for programmers. It is an uphill battle and I've not had any success. The topic is a non starter with most programmers. Seventeen may seem young, but my youngest co-worker just turned 21 and fresh out of college.

    I've been working to persuade software developers, who are my friends and colleages, that its in our best interest to unionize. It is an uphill battle because they are ill-informed and pro-union people seem to not want to LISTEN to their concerns.

    Quit joining their effort by down mouthing unions!

    Sigh. And, thanks for for protraying union advocates so positively, comments like yours will surely will them over.

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