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  •  It might make sense, instead of 'repealing' T-H, (1+ / 0-)
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    to reshape labor law to:

    1.  Increase the penalties for employer violations,  add economic disincentives to prevent employer bad faith bargaining, and add binding arbitration at least for first contracts;
    1.  Make it easier to go and get court orders immediately stopping and reversing the impact of those employer violations;
    1.  Make organizing easier and actually encouraged, as it was in the beginning;
    1.  Prevent employers from permanently replacing strikers, as they can now (because of a Supreme Court decision that predated Taft-Hartley);
    1.  Make the administrative remedial process quicker and easier;
    1.  Give unions greater boycott and picketing ability;
    1.  Broaden the categories of workers that can be organized to include people like T/A's, and supervisors;
    1.  Properly staff and de-inertialize the NLRB.

    This program is partly found in the Employee Free Choice Act, but is not quite the same as "getting rid of" Taft-Hartley.  It would leave in place some parts of that law, but obviously would be a vast improvement over the status quo.

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