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  •  Right at $50,000 before taxes..... (2+ / 0-)
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    lgmcp, MO Blue

    With quite a bit of debt, which has just been refinanced.  We are trying to do without credit cards for the time being, which is difficult.

    My spouse and I used to make quite a bit with freelance or contract editorial/corporate photography. That has all but dried up due to media consolidation, and the way photographers are being treated regarding rights and dayrates.

    Many clients now expect a buyout of rights when they used to have to pay well over $1000 for that, for the cost of an ever dwindling dayrate.

    Many companies are trying to get by, by equiping and training their existing employees who are not photographers.  We have a friend who was once a very successful illustrator who has had the same thing happen to him, except he didn't have a day job.  

    So we are barely getting by on my spouses "day job", what few photo jobs come in, and what little I can bring in on ebay.

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