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    I am still infused with the incredible gift of spirit I received from YKos.  The brainpower was truly stunning.  I could not move an inch without running into another accomplished, impressive, warm and welcoming person.  If this is the future that we promise America, then America will achieve a level of warmth, inclusiveness, intelligence and goodwill never before seen.  And we were there for our common good, not to climb over each other for the next higher limb on the status tree.  I cannot recall ever before being in any group so selflessly devoted to serving each other and serving America. Each person offering up "this is what I can do to make a difference." The good humor was epidemic.  I have never laughed so much.  And when I aggravated an injury and fractured my ankle, this "family" closed ranks around me and assisted me at every turn. I was self conscious and uncomfortable about the wheelchair for exactly one second. A sign of true acceptance is to be treated with tender, loving care while being treated to an unending series of familial ribbings and witty jests.  Thank you all for a very humbling and uplifting experience, with a very special shout out to Mark in SF for his very gracious assistance in getting me from point A to point B and then, not wanting me to miss any of the parties, rolling me in the wheelchair from party to party until the wee hours of the morning.  Pure selfless beauty. And that goes for Kay Shepard, Standing Up and the rest of my ePluribus Media family. I'll never forget my wild ride through the hotel at 65mph powered by NASCAR Dani at the wheel, accompanied by her gleeful sound effects "Wheeeeeeee!!" It was a Kerouac/Kesey psychedelic journey past the incessant circus- chattering of the slot machines, the highly coiffed matrons flattened against the walls, the ubiquitous bottled blonde-tapped out gambling addicts all named "Pam" (thanks, Laughing Liberally for that description), and the unamused fish-eye from the rotund tourists delayed from their assignation with the silicone and saline show. I am a better person for rubbing shoulders with YKos participants. As my ankle heals, I will spend this downtime answering the question "What will be my contribution to make Yearly Kos 2 a reality?" In addition to cash donations. Gina is a role model par excellence.
    So my "tags" for Yearly Kos are: Trust,Brainpower, Optimism, Patriotism, High Humor, Public Service, Inspiration, Compassion, and, last but not least, Brilliant Good Looks! I am not surprised that MoDo failed to grasp it after all those years swimming with sharks in the sea of the Worst of Humanity. She looked as if she was always scanning the horizon for the celeb, the totally hot ,the spin that screamed and she never saw us all around her.  She was always trying to see over our heads and so missed the story altogether.

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