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View Diary: VA-Sen: Sabato -- "Webb is Allen's worst nightmare" (283 comments)

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  •  Will Beyer and Co. (2+ / 0-)
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    PaulVA, Loudoun County Dem

    sit on the sidelines now, or back Mr. Webb?

    People in Eurasia on the brink of oppression: I hope it's gonna be alright... Pet Shop Boys: Introspective

    by rgilly on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 06:22:34 PM PDT

    •  I suspect they'll back him (0+ / 0-)

      But honestly, if I were Beyer, I'd do the same thing to Schumer that he did.  Not very smart on Schumer's part.

    •  They'll come around (2+ / 0-)
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      macdust, catleigh

      I suspect a lot of folks like Don Beyer felt obligated to back Harris, since he had been a Dem Party stalwart for a long time.

      In the end, Webb isn't a lot different from many other conservative Dems still in the Party.  So you can bet on a unified front.

      Hell, if Leslie Byrne is backing Webb, how can you NOT support him?

      - "You're Hells Angels, then? What chapter are you from?"

      by Hoya90 on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 06:34:25 PM PDT

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