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  •  Will Webb be our President one day? (4+ / 0-)
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    Let me be among the first to jump the gun...

    Webb's victory is a significant step forward for Democrats nationally (and I mean that as no disrespect for Miller, who is an honorable, capable and upstanding progressive).

    The reality is that the first step to moving our country toward greater progressivism is to build a Progressive-Centrist majority uniting people from Jim Webb and Ben Nelson to Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold under the Democratic umbrella. Only such a majority coalition can recapture our national government and begin the arduous process of leading America out of the darkness of the Bush Years; from there, we will have a platform to launch more targeted and ambitious progressive reforms.

    A lot of folks struggle with Webbs' Republican background and his positions such as opposition to Affirmative Action. In other circumstances, these could be legitimate disqualifiers, but to win back the House and Senate we need to form a coaltion of candidates who agree maybe 70% of the time.

    In Webb's case, he shares progressives' opposition to the Iraq invasion, which is undisputably the most important issue of the day (unlike, say Joe Lieberman). I suspect Webb also will be less willing to play the centrist stooge who eagerly goes on FOX to criticize fellow Dem's (like, say, Joe Lieberman).

    Also, there are few phenomena more compelling than someone who switches party on principle, as Webb has done (compared to, say, Michael Bloomberg). Ronald Reagan constantly reminded voters that he was once a Democrat who supported FDR until the party "lost it's way," and Republicans were smart enough to support him anyway in order to win.

    Webb (and candidates like Eric Massa) have added potency because they rejected the GOP on what it claims to be it's greatest advantage over Dem's: national security and fighting terrorism.

    Quite honestly, I could see Webb winning the presidency in 6 years.

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