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View Diary: Why What Happened at Home Depot's Annual Meeting Matters (263 comments)

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  •  Go one step further (11+ / 0-)

    We shouldn't just do a series and discuss this; we need to have a bias for action.

    The Energize America policy development process was great, but the policy is a basis for a platform, is not equipped for immediate deployment.

    I say we go further.  For starters, we aren't blazing a trail here, there are others who've already been doing a lot of work in this field.  Note all the resources here:

    I say we set up a fund, aggregate investment dollars and buy into these troubled firms, then go in as shareholders and kick butt.  We can start shareholder suits if these companies don't change through normal shareholder-initiated requests.  And then we sue CEO's, CFO's, directors jointly and severally for failure to perform.

    Git 'er done.

    •  Ok If companies want citizenship (4+ / 0-)

      they will have to live up to the expectations of citizens.

      I'll need some time to think about how I can best contribute.

      •  Two things (2+ / 0-)
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        KenBee, paul2port

        First, there is an older woman who is a wonderful shareholder activist, you might want to followup with her.  Unfortunately I can't recall her name, but she is following the NYSE merger with a Euro outfit; her concern is that the Deutche Bourse might try a hostile takeover of the NYSE.  If you poke around that situation, you might run across her name. She's been doing this stuff for years and could bring name cred to any effort.

        Second, we should be working on drafting a proposed amendment to the Constitution that says artificial contructs and entities do not have the same stature or rights as human citizens.  We've been fighting against precendent alone that says corporations are an expression of free speech and that's not true; they are only a tool like a bloody screwdriver.  The persons who own the corporation already have their one-man-one-vote free speech.  I say this as a shareholder of a number of companies, too; my needs as an investor should NOT restrict or impinge on the rights of others, ever.

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