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    Populist Party

    It is sad how minorities and the poor are stepped on or over constantly and no one will stand up for them, which they can hardly do for themselves as many are deliberately targeted by the law and often subsequently become disenfranchised.  

    All people are not equal nor are they treated equally by society.  If they were, people would not be ordered to devalue the life of someone they haven't even met by killing him.  People should lay down their arms.  Pacifists should not be accused of hating America, or sympathizing with "the enemy," but should be acknowledged for their real message, that killing is wrong.

    Too much attention has been focused on fighting the "enemy," conducting the "war on terror," financially, journalistically, politically, and many more ways.

    The youth of America should be more than a bit concerned by the actions taken a few months ago by the Administration to cut funding for federal grants for college students so that the money could go to...of all things, military spending.  
    So, while kids are already having trouble financially in getting into college, the money the government could have been giving them to help is instead being spent on a commercial for the Army, encouraging them to enlist and how it will prepare them greatly for the future.

    If a draft is reinstituted, people may have two options, be prepared to kill, or go to jail as a criminal.  I hope most people have enough sense to follow laws of humanity.

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      said that any better.  Thank you for your input and perspective.

      "In reviewing the history of government, its wars and its taxes, a bystander, not blinded by prejudice, not warped by interest, would declare, that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes."
      -Thomas Paine - a new approach to preserving our liberty.

      by Populist Party on Thu Jun 15, 2006 at 02:07:56 PM PDT

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