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    One of the problems with the Iraq war is that we haven't been shown enough images: of the Iraqi children, women and elderly who were killed or mutilated by U.S. bombs; of the coffins of the U.S. soldiers who've been killed. We haven't seen enough images of these soldiers' funerals, profiles of their lives, or photographs and video of the wounded at Walter Reed Hospital. Events don't become real to people unless they can feel them at the emotional level, and imagery taps into our gut in a way that a string of anti-war op-eds or rallies will never be able to accomplish.

    Yes, there are some people who will become further enraged and say "Nuke the whole place." But there's also the possibility that many Americans who are beginning to question the war (and by extension, Bush's judgment in prosecuting it in the first place), will have their doubts confirmed by these photos.

    "By invading Iraq, the president of the United States has greatly undermined the war on terrorism."

    by orchid314 on Thu Apr 01, 2004 at 12:45:32 PM PST

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      profiles of dead and wounded (does Halliburton deal in prosthetic limbs?) soldiers, funerals, all of that has been sorely and suspiciously missing and we need a lot more of that. I actually think that seeing the dead in "human terms"--people with families, dreams, etc. brings more of a sense of empathy to the situation and might be more effective in bringing people around.

      I also think that all of these images should be available and certainly not censored. I think the narrower question being debated (or the one that ought to be debated) is whether the images should be on the front page of a newspaper.

      Why am I so darn rational?

      by JMS on Thu Apr 01, 2004 at 12:54:25 PM PST

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        In its online edition, the local paper had a front page picture of a local recruit who had his face blown off in Iraq being comforted by his mother.  All you saw were two eyes, two nostrils and a mouth on whitened scar tissue. This poor guy! It was up for a few hours, then scrubbed completely. You can't find a trace of the article or the photo. I'm sorry I didn't keep a screenshot.

        What we have the Goebbels press controlled by Bush's covert Department of Propaganda. And that is more disgusting than any image of brutalized corpses.

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