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  •  The Sadder Truth (none)
    the correct historical narrative will emerge -- that the Bush administration was obsessed with Saddam to the exclusion of real threats both before and to some extent after 9/11, and that they ignored the larger shadowy problem of terrorism and how to solve it.  

    The sadder truth is that, even had they not ignored the problem of terrorism, they would not have understood that going into Iraq would have a negative effect on the problem.  Even if they had tried to the best of their abilities (which, obviously, they did not), they would never have been able to conceive of a "war" that did not have something to do with Imperialism, nor would they have been able to adjust their tactics to deal with an enemy that is without a country.

    This is not an administration that understands subtlety or grey areas.  They are fanatics and fundamentalists--and not just in a religious sense, although there is that, too.  And the worst thing about this administration is that we are churning out more and more just like them every day--more badly-educated people with some perverse feeling of entitlement that makes them think that they are always right and the world owes them.

    •  excellent point (none)
      I couldn't agree more!  but I think we have to define "imperialism" carefully here.

      i would call what you describe as an imperalist mentality, as opposed to traditional imperialism.

      the imperialist mentality reflects a worldview that we have everything to teach, and nothing to learn, and "they" have everthig to learn and nothing to teach us in return.

      at the same time, i'd want to avoid any mooshy gooshy relativism -- it's not like we're not right about certain things.  like democracy, for instance.  the question is, how do we go about persuading people that democracy is a better system -- so the concept really takes hold?  certainly not by threatening to blow them up....

      Excess of insularity makes a Briton an Imperialist. -- G.B. Shaw

      by markymarx on Fri Apr 02, 2004 at 12:29:24 PM PST

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