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  •  Rosa DeLauro pulls a fast one (0+ / 0-)

    From Myleftnutmeg:
    by: Daniel Sumrall
    June 19, 2006 at 17:19:30 EST5EDT  

    Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT, helped Republicans push through a telecomm act that puts in danger the future of all independent, non-corporate media. This is perhaps the most blatant vote for purely corporate interests I've yet seen.
    The Barton/Cope Act effectively removes local municipal control over local rights-of-way and removes local voices from the process of negotiating for local video franchises.

    It eliminates 'net neutrality' by allowing internet providers (phone and cable companies) the right to charge for preferential content delivery, creating a multitiered internet based on the ability to pay.

    Daniel Sumrall :: Betraying Democratic Media, Rep. DeLauro Stabs Us In The Back  
    Telecomm providers are no longer required to 'build-out' their networks equitably. They now can offer the new services in a wealthy neighborhood but neglect, or discriminate whichever word you prefer, an adjacent low-income community.

    The once free, open internet has now been portioned off by Congress. Thank you Rep. Rosa DeLauro for helping to make local television and internet that much less free. What can we do when politicans from both parties sell the citizenry down the river to corporate interests? Well, elect a clean representative. Unlike Rep. DeLauro I will never take a red cent from any corporation PAC or even from special interest groups whose causes I support. Why? Because a Representative should SERVE THE PUBLIC GOOD--THE CITIZENS FIRST AND FOREMOST.

    Rep. DeLauro has taken the ideals of democratic media, the public good, and consumer choice and preverted them into corporate welfare and monopoly


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