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    I've been telling everyone I know about David and Hank.  If David Van Os wins the Texas AG, he'll fight for us.  He's already a part of a lawsuite against Diebold et al.  

    Everyone in Texas knows that the AG has a LOT more power than the Gov.  Even if Goodhair gets re-elected, Van Os can prevent him from doing too much harm.

    I've even convinced my Libertarian bro to vote for him.

    I'm firmly convinced that if we can get his message out, he'll win.  He's working terribly hard, visiting all the courthouses in Texas (which is no small feat).

    He's visiting East Texas (where I'm from) the next few days and here's my post on the Texas section of DU:

    "I had to go to Jasper for a funeral today. (The past few days have been sucky, to say the least.)

    We're driving back from the cemetary WAY out in the country, practically in Lousiana, on the way to my cousin's house back in town.

    The thing I noticed most was the trees that had been uprooted because of Hurricane Rita: large oaks and pine trees pulled out of the ground just like dry corn stalks.

    We're driving past this farm that has several large uprooted pecan trees and then I spot the sign by the driveway. It was terribly wind beaten, and only the center part of the sign remained, but it was still there: Kerry and Edwards in 2004.

    David's going to kick a** there tomorrow! The people of East Texas are absolutely hungry for his message!

    I'm sorry our paths didn't cross, David and Rachel, and I'm awfully sorry that my first visit there in eight years was because of a funeral."

    You guys on DKos!  This guy's the real deal.

    Shame on Chris Bell and Barbara Radnovsky.  Don't they understand that he can help them win the election?  That is, if he wants to.

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      Faith Chatham

      Everywhere in Texas seems hungry for David's message!

      We did a filibuster at the Galveston City Hall on Sunday, but I had to leave Sunday evening so that I could go to work on Monday, and then the rains hit a bit later.  However, it was great conversation and we had people honking as they drove by.

      The big deal now is to get the Dems to turn out and actually VOTE!  I'm all for 'purple thumbs', so that I could see who voted and who needed a little motivation. ;)

      Col. Andy Tanner: "All that hate is gonna burn you up kid."
      Robert Morris: "It keeps me warm."

      by Wolverines on Wed Jun 21, 2006 at 04:34:00 AM PDT

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