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    not because it is health care, but because I am trying to establish some cost basis.

    Let me try to say this a different way.

    Try and envision, just for fun, the most you would ever be willing to pay for a gallon (of gas) to go in your car. Anything more then that and you would not fill up your car, but move to the city and walk everwhere.

    The point is, there is some cost cieling and which point it costs society more to participate then it does not to participate.

    This is getting off track though.

    Subsidies amount to a zero-sum game always. Tell me, do you like lobbyists in washington? Beceause I don't. Firms have an incentive to spend money on lobbyists up to the exact amount of any given subsidy. This means your tax dollars go like this:

    You--> Washington
    Washington -->Subsidy to firm
    Firm --> Interest group
    Interest group --> Lobbying firm
    Lobbying firm --> hookers in vegas.

    Now, my argument is that there is a better free-market approach to achieve a clean enviroment, which is not being explored because of government and corporate interests.

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