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View Diary: Liberal blogger blocked from Kentucky state-owned computers (192 comments)

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    Cecrops Tangaroa, greenearth

    I maintain they were either popular sites or each used a specific software. I highly doubt the same person who wanted to block BGR for political reasons would unexplainably block a sports blog that has ZERO political content, yet both were unaccessible from a state computer in NKY this AM.

    In doing contract work for a supplier recently, I noticed their gateway only threaded out certain POPULAR sites (ESPN.COM, MYSPACE.COM, ETC) that had no work value. Is it possible they used some sort of filter this way.

    Look, I hate the machine as much as anyone else, but I think we need to be rational here.

    How did a non-political sports blog also get blocked unless there is another explaination as to how they blocked the sites.

    It looks like some other sites have been being filtered out.

    Doesn't stop a reasonable person from noticing that this site got blocked probably because they got a lot of hits because of a mention in the NY Times.

    That seems unfair to me. Employees should be able to do a little relaxation reading at work. If they overdo it, then their bosses should get on their asses. I think banning is too extreme.

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