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    Gore won Florida, so while Nader may have had an effect on how some voted, Gore still won. So again, I don't make the statements some above do about "nadercrap"  because that is simply admitting you think Gore lost... and he didn't despite Nader, despite the USSC, and despite all the crimes committed in Florida. Perhaps had those who keep spouting about "nadercrap" actually fought to get that stolen term back, we might have President Gore where he belongs now, because he would have been in his second term right now. So the bottlomline for me regardless of how I may feel about Ralph Nader's rhetoric, is that 2000 was ultimately up to the people as a whole... and we choked...collectively. But I guess it just feels more validaitng to have one person to blame... just like the DLC blamed Al Gore alone. Again, politics surely is a toxic system.

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