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View Diary: BREAKING OUTRAGE: GOP stalls Voting Rights Act renewal (96 comments)

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  •  Current crop of Pubs rely on voter fraud (1+ / 0-)
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    This latest story is disgusting but when I think about it - not surprising.

    My own interpretation of this is that the Republicans now in Congress KNOW there is whole world of hurt awaiting them if they lose one their majorities in one or both houses of Congress. Not only will they lose their 'job' - but all sorts of oversight and prosecution might start taking place that could land them in JAIL and 'relieve' them of their ill-gotten gains.

    They also see what the polls are saying, and so realize the only chance they have to save their own asses is to fix elections in ANY districts which are at risk of swinging to the Dem side.

    I would say they will use the racism angle to appeal to their white racist base - but really have to think they are looking this as a means of preventing any kind of reform that would assure free and fair elections.

    It is so appalling to see Democracy being sold down the river by these people.

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