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  •  Personality disorders (4+ / 0-)

    Personality disorders are vague and there is a lot out of overlap.  I dont think that Bush has anti-social personality disorder (Socio-path.)  I think he has narcissistic personality disorder  Key to this disorder is the pathologic inability to empathize with other people.  

    When a person with a healthy pysche would consider ordering a casual invasion, it is inevitable that they consider the impact on other people, especially the suffering and death that is inevitable.  Bush is incapable of this.  To him it was just, "War, cool.  And imagine the political capital that I get to spend."

    Bush noted in a Redbook interview with Laura that 9/11 ended on a humorous note.  (Got to get to work, cant find the citation right now)

    •  Although he fits (2+ / 0-)
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      Dave925, jfadden

      criteria for that PD, exploding frogs with firecrackers is not consistent with Narcissistic PD. Nor is the chronic lying, lawbreaking, hurting others with no remorse (Iraq), lack of planning (Iraq, Katrina, etc.), consistent irresponsibility, repeated failure, etc.  In other words, he's more than NPD.  Narcissists can be useful, productive, even valuable (think some surgeons, actors, etc.) Antisocial Personality Disorder has no redeeming virtues. Bush is the latter.

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