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    The proposals thus far could use additional input.  I'd much rather see this kind of constitutional amendment than one that enshrines bigotry.

    Let's define the word 'PRIVACY'.  That is what is really under attack in this country.  I feel pretty safe and secure in my traditional marriage, even with gay and lesbian friends who would like to get married.

    What I don't feel is any remaining shred of digital privacy in my email, VOIP, business transactions, personal transactions, television viewing, etc.

    While you could argue that I had no reasonable expection of such privacy, I'd rather argue exactly the opposite - "What gives you or any other non-party to my transactions the right to see or possess them in ANY form?".

    "When the truth is found to be lies. And all the joy within you dies." Grace Slick, 1966

    -3.88, -5.49 cuz I'm old

    by dhomyak on Thu Jun 22, 2006 at 09:57:01 AM PDT

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