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  •  Frankly, I am strongly suspect a candidate who (1+ / 0-)
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    "comes across as totally genuine."  I'll tell you frankly:  To many people, Officer Furman of OJ fame came across as totally genuine, until tape recordings proved that everything he said about the "N" word was a total and intentional lie.  Bush came across as relatively genuine to many voters.

    I knew Clinton was a calculating president, but calculation comes with intelligence.  The opposite of calculation is what we have in Bush's "genuineness", when he tells us God has asked him to advocate for the positions that Rove has coincidently found to be most successful with focus groups.  

    I'd rather have a president and a party leader whom I KNOW is calculating, because that shows she's able to count the costs, weigh the costs and benefits, and take us to victory in the face of crafty opposition.  

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