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View Diary: Small Group of Republicans Hijack Renewal of the Voting Rights Act (156 comments)

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  •  The immigration issue (3+ / 0-)
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    Just sayin'... I see anti-Latino attitudes becoming a big issue in this election. The "English only" phrasing is obvious code for anti-immigration sentiment.

    Democrats, brace yourselves. This is the big hot-button wedge of the year. Gay marriage and even terrorism are losing their edge as fear-and-panic inducers. For one thing, they clearly have nothing to do with the rotten economy, the shrinking middle class, tho off-shoring of jobs, the lack of health care, the fears of retirement insucurity. But all these things can be blamed on Latinos. Not rationally, but emotionally.

    The sad truth is that the same economic philosophy that has ruined the America we fondly remember is responsible for the weakness of the Mexican economy. Brown, white and black, we are in this together.

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