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View Diary: Small Group of Republicans Hijack Renewal of the Voting Rights Act (156 comments)

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    I do want to say that I hope I'm not coming off too aggro in my comments. I'm genuinely interested in what part of the South you are living in. It does matter when talking about the South, IMHO. Mostly because we are not all the same (duh), although some would like to paint us that way. Rural Georgia, for example, is VERY different from the Triangle in NC, which is very different from western NC, etc.

    Too many people are quick to judge the entire South based on the actions of a few Southerners. That is where I start to have a problem.

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      in the northern suburbs of Atlanta  ---- what used to be Newt Gingrich's old district, north of Marietta and a little east of Kennesaw, where a curious local ordinance requires every household to have a gun.  

      As an aside, do you as a native southerner know the origins of southern white "gun culture" and the Second Amendment?  

      Upper class whites in Virginia gobbled up all the best coastal and near coastal land in the 1600s.  Lower class whites were obliged to go upland and inland and steal some from the natives, so they needed those guns.  And after that phase, upper class whites in the south needed to recruit or require lower class ones to serve as armed patrollers of highways and byways in order to police the slave populations and be ready to suppress uprisings.  

      That, and not some horseshyt about defending the homeland from foreign invaders, is why the Second Amendment exists.

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        I'm not a fan of Cobb County or much of the North Atlanta exurbs outside of the perimeter. There is certainly more of a racist element there than in other parts of the state. I prefer South Atlanta myself, if I'm going to "town". Better food and nicer people, in my experience.

        Interesting history of how the gun culture evolved. Everyone I know around here has guns to hunt. And that's it. And Democrats can reach out to these people by connecting hunting to environmental regulation. Hunters are responsible gun owners and understand the value of nature. They appreciate the difference of how a wild turkey tastes compared to a butterball. They value the ability of nature to provide food for their families. I think we can make inroads with these folks by talking about food and hunting and guns in a way that highlights how Republicans are poisoning our environment. We're lucky around here, you can actually eat fish from the creeks because they are not poisoned, yet. And believe me, I check the water quality charts from UGA every year. That is the part of southern culture that can fit into a "western dem" strategy.

        BTW, I really enjoy your comments and perspective and look forward to reading more of them in the future.

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          I have been doing a weekly column and other duties at Black Commentator, which is on hiatus for a week, so I dropped in over here.  Might diary over the weekend.

          You can find the book length exposition of the origin of white southern gun culture and much else about labor and class in colonial America in Edmund Wilson's American Slavery American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia.

          I don't like Cobb County much either.  I just live here.  Don't ask.  Dems here are so chickenshyt that I had to ask the Dem candidate for state rep, when he showed up at my door, why his lawn signs didn't say "Democrat".  He mumbled some sorry and revealing stuff about how it wasn't advisable to tick people off by being all that partisan.  My neighbor who was tagging along with him nodded her head like this was real wisdom she was soaking up.

          But as Atlanta's black mayor and black business class are bulldozing poor neighborhoods and public housing while borrowing public money to bribe developers to build upscale housing inside the perimeter --- that's what the whole BeltLine scam is --- south Cobb (and parts of south Fulton, Clayton and Douglassville) are filling up with blacks.  There are one or two black faces on the Cobb County commission now, and horrible fights over school redistricting that the local media simply refuse to cover.  Life in America, I guess.

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