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View Diary: Small Group of Republicans Hijack Renewal of the Voting Rights Act (156 comments)

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    You can either spend all day attacking these racist lowlifes among the Republicans in the House that are blocking the extension of the Voting Rights Act, or you can do something that will force their hand.

    What House Democrats need to do is something more substantial than Nancy Pelosi's ususal whinings.  They need to use the rules of the U.S. House to force matters.  If you watch the House on C-SPAN or read the Congressional Record, you know that the House avoids a lot of pain-in-the-neck procedures thru unanimous consent requests.  Well, it's time to put a halt to that.  Have some House Democrats object to dispensing with Calendar Wednesday and Speaker Hastert may soon pop a vein in his neck.  

    Force votes on every issue.  If it means each day's session runs past midnight, so be it.  The House members are being paid enough to work some extra hours.  Besides, all those votes will provide ammunition for the Democratic challengers to these scumbags.

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